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Since 1985, our focus at Guide Wealth Partners has been to better equip individuals, families and businesses with the financial guidance and support to help meet their personal and professional goals. While our brand has evolved, our Midwest roots and values of integrity, dependability and reliability have remained unchanged.

Let Us Be Your Guide

Let Us Be Your Guide

Your financial journey is unique and evolves over time. As your success and wealth grows, so does the responsibility of protecting what you have worked so hard to gain. No matter where you are on life’s path, we have a team to help meet your unique needs. Together, we’ll work to simplify financial complexities with dependable service from our skilled and thoughtful team. Guide Wealth Partners can give you the reassurance you need for your unique financial goals.

Going Further Together

Going Further Together

There’s reassurance in knowing there’s a team of like-minded individuals who can support you. Our team takes a collaborative approach to providing personalized financial planning services. We count on each other so that you can feel good counting on us as we help guide your financial life. Our goal is to educate, explain, and empower you.

Paths Lead to Places

Our Core Values

Going Far

There’s reassurance knowing there’s a team of like-minded individuals who have your back. Clients can benefit from the knowledge and experience of our fully-backed team, and we’re committed to having fun along the way.

Full Picture Capabilities

We don’t just take a comprehensive look at your scenario, we coordinate with specialists to execute. From insurance to legal and tax, we bring more than a perspective, we can help fill out the rest of your financial story in practice.

Engage On
Your Terms

We understand every scenario is different and we aren’t here to push you in any direction that doesn’t align with your goals or needs. Our goal is to educate, explain, and present viable options and empower you to decide.

Simplifying Complexity

Navigating your financial life may seem complicated, so we emphasize planning. Clients can spend less time worrying about the ‘what-ifs’ and more time focusing on all the things that make life worth living when they have a helpful plan.

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